5 best places to live in Lahore- A guide


Finding the best places to live in Lahore is tough due to the abundance of options. The greater the number of choices, the greater is the number of individuals to take benefit. So, people tend to move to big cities for taking the advantage of the opportunities.

Lahore is the 2nd largest city of Pakistan and also the capital of Punjab. Lahore is superior to other cities when it comes to facilities. Lahore is an economic and economical hub, has countless business resources, a vast number of educational and training institutes, and better health provisions.

There are different factors that must be considered before choosing a place to reside and all of them will be briefly discussed in the article. Furthermore, keeping in view all these factors, you would be suggested a perfect area according to your requirements.

Things to consider while choosing a place for a new home

Here are a few factors to consider

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Property Value
  • Transportation / Convenience
  • Neighbourhood
  • Criminal statistics
  • Future development
  • Appearance


Your financial situation can help you determine whether you want to live in the city or in the suburbs. You’ll also notice that some areas are more costly than others. The key is to find a balance between a region that is within your financial range and one that you would love living in. You can start thinking about home locations once you’ve set your budget.


One of the very first things to consider is location. The ideal location must be close to a hospital, pharmacy, playground, park, school, office, restaurants, grocery and departmental stores. But it should not be noisy and traffic jam-packed during the night or day, rather it should be peaceful.

Property Value

If you’re looking at new build homes, the property value is something you’ll want to consider. When looking for a home to buy, it’s crucial to find the ideal property. When looking for a new house, keep the property worth of the neighbourhood in mind, especially if you plan to sell in the future.


Consider how vital it is for you to be close to your business or school. A 10-minute drive versus a 30-minute drive can have a significant influence on your everyday life.

What else would you like to have in your close surroundings? Consider restaurants, amusement parks, and medical offices. Make an honest assessment of what you desire and how essential convenience is to you. In addition to this all, you must also consider public transport stops and usage.

Just keep in mind that being close to hotspots like cafes, restaurants, and stores might drive up the cost of a home.


The neighbourhood you decide can have a significant impact on how happy you are in your new home. If you move to an unpleasant neighbourhood that is often dirty, you may find yourself unhappy there. Additionally, if your neighbours are alienated and unwelcoming, this can have an impact on your happiness. You want to live in an area where you’ll feel at ease and pleased. Furthermore, each neighbourhood has its own personality. Look for a neighbourhood that fits your family’s personality and lifestyle.

Crime statistics

Discovering more about the local crime rate can help you decide whether or not you’ll feel safe living there.

Feeling secure in your house is one of the most indescribable moments of life. Therefore, select a location that is not far from the police station. Furthermore, the security provided by the local organization is a plus point. Always opt for a place that offers local security.

Future development

Think about how long you expect to live in this house and how the location will affect what you’ll need in the future.

Is this going to be your permanent residence?  Now you may be interested in living in a neighbourhood with a stadium. But in future, you might be interested in living in a neighbourhood with green fields.

Hence, you can’t predict what your lifestyle or community will be like in a few decades. However, planning ahead can help you choose a location that will suit you for years, not just the next year or two.


You most certainly care about the appearance of your property from the inside and out. It could also be influenced by the appearance of neighbouring houses in your neighbourhood. If you value local maintenance, you may want to consider moving to a neighbourhood with a homeowner, rather than a tenant.  Because a homeowner always tries to keep the house at its finest.

Top places to live in Lahore

Here is a list that features the best places to live in Lahore.

Behria Town

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria town is the most appreciated and highly rated area for residential purposes. Multiple options are offered here in different ranges according to your budget.  Unarguably, Bahria town is one of the finest, ideal, and best places to live in Lahore. You can visit Bahria town by driving on Raiwind road or Multan road, as it can be accessed from both sides. Here are the facilities of Bahria town that are provided:

  • Gated entry and exit community
  • Surveillance and security system for 24/7
  • Constant electric power supply
  • Gas supply
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage system
  • International level hospitals
  • Business investment options
  • Shopping mall
  • Gym
  • Cinema
  • Parks
  • Commercial areas and market
  • Community centres
  • Educational and training institutes
  • The vast and extensive road network
  • Mosques
  • Police stations
  • Post offices
  • Fire station
  • Telephone exchange

Bahria town Lahore features the 7th largest mosque in the world. The only Pakistani replica of the Eiffel tower exists in Bahria town Lahore. Our very own project Al-Hadi Eiffel heights is located in this marvellous place.

This widely spread scheme has numerous blocks and different projects for different purposes. Bahria Town Lahore offers 125 sq. yard to 1000 sq. yard homes, villas, and commercial purpose malls and centres.

Advantages of Bahria Town Lahore

These are the advantages of Bahria Town:

  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Underground electric wires system
  3. Easy to understand the map

Disadvantages of Bahria Town Lahore

These are the disadvantages of Bahria Town:

  1. Too far from the main city
  2. No university

Defence Housing Authority ( DHA )

The Defence Housing Authority Lahore, also known as the DHA Lahore is Pakistan’s finest luxury real estate developed project. The authority features a long list of exclusive projects to its credits. DHA is now regarded as the first choice residential location for Pakistan’s elite.

DHA Lahore has multiple phases at different locations but they all lie near Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.

The most leading-edge of DHA is its speciality of being free from fraud and the land-grabbing mafia. Since it has considerably high rates, these rates can be justified by the services one gets.

Here is a list of facilities at DHA:

  • Entry and exit security checkpoints
  • 24/7 security petrol
  • Electric power supply
  • Gas supply
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage system
  • Commercial markets
  • Hospitals
  • Educational and training institutes
  • Universities
  • Shopping Malls and marts
  • Cinema
  • Post offices
  • Police station
  • Telephone exchange
  • Gym
  • stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Very close to Airport
  • Parks with jogging tracks
  • Wide road network
  • Bus terminal

DHA is Pakistan’s real estate organization with projects in different major cities. The neighbourhood here is always up to the expectations. Every residence abides by the law and keeps the house maintained from exterior and interior as well.

Advantages of DHA Lahore

These are the advantages of DHA Lahore:

  1. No worries about the land-grabbing mafia
  2. Universities
  3. Well maintained and developed

Disadvantages of DHA Lahore

These are the disadvantages of DHA Lahore:

  1. Expensive
  2. Less public transport


The Gulberg region of Lahore is the city’s commercial centre. Tall commercial plazas dot the terrain, and cafes may be found on practically every corner. That’s not all, though. Behind all of these enormous structures and bustling commercial places lie communities with some of the most exquisitely constructed homes.

It wouldn’t go wrong to say that Gulberg is in the mid of the city. Since it is mid of the city, it is also a hub or centre point of Lahore’s commercial, educational, entertainment, and food spots. For a person involved in business or trading, Gulberg should be his/her top priority for the best places to live in Lahore.

Gulberg is the most expensive option on the list. Living in Gulberg is very comfortable as everything that you are in ever need, can easily be available.

Here are the facilities of Gulberg Lahore:

  • Doorstep availability of things
  • Diverse options for school and colleges
  • Close to Railway stations
  • Near to Airport
  • Easy access to public transport
  • Electric supply
  • Water supply
  • Gas supply
  • Sewerage system
  • Excessive shopping malls
  • Abundant business offices
  • Cinemas
  • Hospitals
  • Mosques
  • Stadiums
  • Parks
  • Telephone exchange
  • Carpet roads
  • Planned and managed area

The residential area of Gulberg is filled with business class people. So, one can find a better neighbourhood in Gulberg.

Advantages of Gulberg Lahore

These are the advantages of Gulberg Lahore:

  1. Active metropolitan services
  2. Easy to find anything
  3. Easy access to every means of transportation

Disadvantages of Gulberg Lahore

These are the disadvantages of Gulberg Lahore:

  1. Open entry, no checkpoint anywhere
  2. No centralized local security
  3. High traffic area

Al-Kabir Town

Al-Kabir Town is the latest build project among all the enlisted choices. So, it complies that one can expect the latest requirements and needs from the management and the, fortunately, one gets them all here.

Al Kabir Town is built with a strong focus on innovation and technology. Innovation allows the creation of solutions and structures that are relevant not only now, but in the future as well. Meanwhile, technology enables to turn that goal into a reality, that allows providing residents with a lifestyle that is light years ahead of the competition.

Among all listed options, Al-Kabir town tops the list of best places to live in Lahore when it comes to financial regards.

The facilities being provided at the Al-Kabir town are:

  • CCTV monitored security
  • Controlled enter and exit checkpoints
  • Electric supply
  • Water supply
  • Gas supply
  • Sewerage system
  • Underground electric wiring
  • Road infrastructure
  • Shopping stores and marts
  • Gym
  • Cinema
  • Mosque
  • Zoo
  • Restaurants
  • Hospital

The location is easily accessible on public transport from Raiwind road. The important feature is its price compared to its competitors. This is the most budget-friendly option that you can avail yourself of.

Advantages of Al-Kabir Town

Here are a few advantages of Al-Kabir Town:

  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Updated with latest requirements and needs
  3. Comprehensible map

Disadvantages of Al-Kabir Town

Here are the disadvantages of Al-Kabir Town

  1. Located on a corner of Lahore

Cantonment ( Cantt. )

The label of the safest place in Lahore can be given to the Cantonment area. The place is heavily supervised by the army as all offices and command centres of armed forces are situated in this area.

Inclusive of the safest place, the label of most expensive place can also be given to the Cantonment area. The heavy price tag pays off in every possible way as the area is adjacent to Gulberg and DHA. Additionally, everything needed in basic life is available as well.

These are the facilities of Lahore Cantonment:

  • Supervised entry and exit points
  • Heavily secured by military
  • Electric supply
  • Gas supply
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage system
  • Commercial markets
  • Shopping malls and marts
  • Hospitals
  • Training and educational institutes
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Gym
  • Easy access to public transport
  • Inside railway stations
  • Near to airport
  • Police stations
  • Telephone exchange
  • Stadiums
  • Polo grounds & Horse riding clubs
  • Parks

Advantages of Lahore Cantonment

Here are the advantages of Lahore Cantonment:

  1. Peaceful neighbourhood
  2. Tranquillity and peace of mind
  3. Always active metropolitan and Govt. departments for your service

Disadvantages of Lahore Cantonment

Here are the disadvantages of Lahore cantonment:

  1. Too costly
  2. Abundant traffic signals


Listed areas have been discussed in terms of every facility and advantages as well as disadvantages for the best places to live in Lahore. An affordable area with frequent services is Al-Kabir Town. A bit expensive but luxury lifestyle can be found in Bahria Town. Ample resources and each facility with zero stress of any problem is Cantonment area.

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