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To become a Premier Real Estate developer & builder of Pakistan. We aim to bring continuous improvement in Real Estate Development through innovative initiatives. Our aim is to provide a world-class lifecycle coupled with state-of-the-art amenities that accommodate people from all walks of life.


To redefine the Real Estate trends in Pakistan by establishing modern Real Estate projects with innovative concepts and latest technologies. With focus on customer satisfaction, our goal is to provide efficient services by timely delivery of projects.

Our Values

Al-Hadi Associates and builders is a values driven company, These values are deep rooted in all our projects and day to day work. 



We keep authenticity as a professional method of dealing with their clients and customers. Our dealings are based on authentic resources so the customers can be justly satisfied. 



Loyalty runs both ways when it comes to a company and client relationship. The team of our associates is loyal to their  work and maintaining a sustainable work environment explicitly displays loyal behavior.



Our team works devoid of any hidden charges or extra charges. The money invested by the customer is all cleared in documentation and verbal communications. Our honesty makes sure that our clients work with us on a long term basis, on the basis of honesty and clarity.



We believe that we win when our clients win. We make sure that our deals are always advantageous for our clients 

The team of Al-Hadi Group keeps abundant and rich resources to provide our clients with the best land and infrastructures.



The services provided by Al-Hadi associates are dynamically planned. We believe in continuous effort. Our services don’t lack persistence and we have a continuous practice to make the investment and buying experiences of our clients worthwhile.



Modern world works under continuous pressure. Which makes the working environment prone to make mistakes. Our company is based on a team with impeccable working criteria. We make our plans and records in mistake-free ways. Our construction, architecture and services work on impeccable mechanisms. 

Meet the Team

Abdul Tawab Khan Director of Admin Legal

Abdul Tawwab Khan

Director Admin & Legal

Contact No: +92 300 4631400

Malik Rashid (Director of Sales & Marketing)

Malik Rashid

Director sales and Marketing

Contact No: +92 300 7862233

Al-Kabir Town Phase-II (Head Office)

Hafiz Rashid (Branch Manager)

Hafiz Rashid

Branch Manager

Contact No: +92 300 8490773

Imran Irshad (Manager Sales & Marketing)

Imran Irshad

Manager Sales & Marketing

Contact No: +92 322 4333802

Muhammad Waseem (Sr. Sales Executive)

Muhammad Waseem

Sr. Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 300 9469121

Muhammad Noor (Sr. Sales Executive)

Muhammad Noor

Sr. Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 307 4758924

Sajid Tufail Sr. Sales Executive

Sajid Tufail

Sr. Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 321 7797997

Saad Warraich (Sr. Sales Executive)

Saad Warraich

Sr. Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 322 4165512

Rana Arsalan Sales Executive 2

Rana Arsalan

Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 323 8887871

Bahria Town (Branch Office)

Hafiz Abdullah (Branch Manager) (2)

Muhammad Abdullah

Branch Manager

Contact No: +92 321 8156452

Iqra Ghafoor (Business Development Manager)

Iqra Ghafoor

Business Development Manager

Contact No: +92 310 4265003

Fazeela Mukhtiar (Coordinator to CEO)

Fazeela Mukhtiar

Coordinator to CEO

Contact No: +92 310 4265001

Junaid Ahmad (Sr. Sales Executive) (1)

Junaid Ahmad

Sr. Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 303 6254037

Ahmad Faraz (Digital Marketing Manager)

Ahmad Faraz

Digital Marketing Manager

Contact No: +92 343 0143937

Rafaqat Ali (Sales Executive)

Rafaqat Ali

Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 340 2206861

Kings Town (Branch Office)

Muhammad Yasir (Branch Manager)

Muhammad Yasir

Branch Manager

Contact No: +92 321 7774774

Sana Sarfraz (Sales Executive) (2)

Sana Sarfraz

Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 340 7220244

Zohaib Arshad (Sales Executive)

Zohaib Arshad

Sales Executive

Contact No: +92 321 7076899

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