Introduction :

Al Hadi Eiffel Heights is a project owned by Al-Hadi Associates & builders. It has the most professional team backing up the plans for Eiffel heights.

Location :

Al-Hadi Eiffel Heights is located in Bahria town, Sector E, opposite the Eiffel Tower. It is a park facing, commercial project with numerous facilities and eye-catching sights. The name of Eiffel Heights itself signifies the presence of the edifice of Eiffel tower in Bahria town. The society is considered one of the best societies with super services and facilities.Eiffel Heights is a project based on Major approach facilities and well.

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Owners and developers: 

Al-Hadi associates & builders is a company with top-notch construction designs, architectural designs, interior designs and modern luxuries services. This company aims to provide a comfort level for its residents and it provides with the best investment opportunities in the most resourceful areas. Eiffel Heights is a project by Al-hadi associates and the site itself is the epitome of the company that owns it.

Al Hadi Eiffel Heights Project details:

Service apartments :

Al-Hadi Eiffel Heights presents people with service apartments. Already built, furnished and loaded with furniture and interior. These apartments serve the best needs of people who look for 1 bed apartment residence. These apartments have the facilities of food service with built in bathroom and modern posh facilities. Service heights in Al-Hadi Eiffel Heights is all about catering the needs of people who are equipped with necessary luggage and all other facilities including housekeeping services are provided by the management of Eiffel Heights. 


Commercial Shops 

Eiffel Heights offers commercial and corporate shops for sale and rent purposes. These shops are built on rush areas, the flow of customers, residents and tourists is mostly towards these commercial and corporate shops. The benefits of commercial shops in eiffel heights are amazing for the owners of the shop as well as for the customers. These shops are allocated for all kinds of purposes, the facilities provided in these commercial shops are for food, business, clothing and other sorts of need base items. 


Features of Eiffel heights:

 Broad car parking:

Parking determines most of the convenience of a building. People tend to go for secure parkings under the watchful eyes of guards and security cameras. Al-HAdi eiffel heights provide the wide-spaced parking lots for all sorts of car parking. Residential parking, official parking and customer parking, our parking facilities are up to the mark and very convenient. 



Secure Surroundings:

A warm and lovely neighbourhood is the dream of peace and success lovers. No issues regarding theft, illegal activities or any kind inconvenience is looked up by the management and security of Eiffel Heights. 


Rooftop Garden:

In-door sittings are gorgeous but what really makes the mood go high are the beautiful views of out-door and roof-top sitting areas. The view from the top of the building gives an opportunity to breathe fresh air after a tiresome day or maybe to start a beautiful day.


 Coffee Shops:

Coffee shops, breakfasts, quick lunches, light dinners and a bunch of snacking is a part of daily life to function normally. Al-Hadi eiffel heights provide this luxurious facility and it has got its residents covered with amazing services. 


Guest sitting: 

Sitting areas for a little chit chat here and there and for meetups and gatherings are the need of all top-societies. Al-Hadi Eiffel Heights has got this service covered.


Fitness center :

Fitness center, fully equipped gym, mechiery, dumbbells, weighing scales, fresh water and clean towels are the demands of all fitness lovers. Eiffel Heights provides the opportunity of working your way up to fitness. 


Signal free approach from airport:

Traffic and vehicle jams are a mood turner for a lot of people. Especially when there is a flight to catch. Al-HAdi Eiffel Heights is located in such a premium location that there are no traffic jams on the way to the airport for the people who look forward to catching flights.


 Free wifi service: 

Eiffel Heights has built in free wifi service available for everyone standing currently in the building. Wifi has become the basic need of the modern world. Eiffel Heights is trying to cater that need for its residents and customers. 


High speed elevators: 

Eiffel heights through the name suggests multiple stories and the fast world requires fast food and fast elevators because life never stops for anyone. Eiffel Heights has the amazing facility of high speed elevators.


Stand by generators: 

Who can live without electricity ? no one. electricity , television, electric equipment, electronic devices and most of the facilities of the modern world are operated electrically. Eiffel Heights has the facility of stand by generators in case of load-shedding. The residents, customers and commercial owners, everyone is provided with the services of generators and eiffel heights takes complete responsibility for the provision of electricity for 24 hours a day. 


Air-conditioned hallways: 

The hallways of commercial areas in eiffel heights and as well the hallways of residential areas are fully air conditioned according to the weather requirements. 



Room service and housekeeping facilities are of utmost importance. Sweepers, cleaning staff, room service staff, luggage carriers and guiding staff all actively participate in making the lives easier, whilst maintaining the standards of respect and peace.


High alert security : 

Another important aspect is safety, eiffel heights does not compromise on the safety of its residents. It is fully equipped with safety measures, CCTV cameras, fire alarms, fire escapes and guards.


Payment plan:
Area  rate/sq. ft Net price  Down payment  Monthly installments  Six monthly installments 
Basement commercial shops  400 20,000 8,000,000 2,000,000 80,000 400,000
Ground commercial shops  765 40,000 30,600,000 7,650,000 306,000 1,530,000
1st floor commercial shops 239 20,000 4,780,000 1,195,000 47,800 239,000
2nd floor studio apartments 356 14,000 4,984,000 8,372,000 2,511,600 83,720
3rd floor one bed apartment  598 14,000 8,372,000 2,511,600 83,720 418,600
4th floor one bed apartment  598 14,000 8,372,000 2,511,600 83,720 418,600
5th floor two bed apartment  1040 14,000 14,560,000 4,368,000 145,600 728,000

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