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Al Kabir Town is designed with a particular emphasis on innovation and technology. Innovation helps us evolve solutions and structures that remain relevant not only today but for all times to come. Technology helps us translate that dream into a living reality, to offer our clients a lifestyle that is light years ahead.

al-kabir town phase 1

Introduction :

Al-Kabir town phase 1 aims to provide a warm feeling of a small community living together in a peaceful, modern and luxurious environment. Luxury does not always come with numerous amounts of money invested. This phase of Al-Kabir town provides a cost friendly environment with people who are employed as 9-5 job holders with a minimum amount of investment in their hands. A standard life can also be achieved whilst being a middle-class family. Homely environments, social security and parks for entertainment are not for the elite class of the society. People who aim to build a safe home or want secure investments for their future are all welcome in Al-Kabir town’s residential area. All houses, lands, commercial areas and apartments are LDA approved, Al-Kabir housing society installment plans are hustle free for the customers. All approvals and facilities are provided by the projects for the residents of the phase.Al-Kabir town is famous for its honest work, on-table investment plans without any hidden charges, quick possession and modern projects with an ethical work environment under the supervision of educated employees.


Al-Kabir town Phase 1 is located in the residential area near Bahria town and Lake City Holdings. It has other housing societies in its vicinity as well. This residential area makes it easier for its residents to explore places and walk around in leisure time.

Master plan:

3 Marla and 5 Marla Residential Plots: 

Al-KAbir town Phase 1 consists of 3 marla residential plots for sale and 5 marla residential plots for sale. The facilities needed for the residents are in the vicinity of their walk. 

3 Marla and 5 Marla Furnished Homes: 

The residential area does not only provide real estate land, it also provides with already built, fully furnished houses for sale and rent purposes as well . The residential sector of Al-kabir town phase 1 provides facilities for all people who are looking for land to build their homes and also for the people who look for already structured and well furnished homes for purchase and rent purposes. Al-kabir town, homes for sale and Al-kabir town, homes for rent all are available according to needs and demands of the client. 

One-bed apartments:

Al-KAbir homes one-bed apartments are the dream apartments for people who look for small apartments for residential purposes. The apartments have all the facilities of kitchen, bathroom, laundry and all basic needs one can require. Al-Kabir town Phase 1, one- bed apartments are available for rent and sale purposes. 

Two-Bed Apartments: 

Like Al-kabir town One-bed apartments, there are Al-kabir town two-bed apartments for a slightly larger group of people for residency purposes. The apartments are fully equipped with daily life facilities including the facility of bathrooms and kitchen as per the requirement of the residents. Al-kabir town two-bed apartments are available for rent and sale purposes.

Features and facilities:

  1. Service of masjid for the residents to take a small walk around to pray and recite
  2. Generators and electricity backup in case of load shedding is available in the sector so residents don’t have to face problems in their community. This backup helps a lot for work-from-home environment and educational purposes.
  3. Gas, clean water, gymnasium and restaurants are available to develop a homely environment in the complete vicinity for residents to live a standard life-style together.

Payment Plan:

Al-Kabir town Phase 1 installment plans and payment plans are cost friendly and easy to pay. All prices according to the size of the land, plots, apartments and houses available for rent and sale.

A-BLOCK (Phase-I)

3-Year Residential Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 monthly Installments                              On Possession                                                                                Total Price                                             


3-Year Payment Plan (Monthly Installments)

CategoryBooking36 monthly InstallmentsInstallment After Six MonthOn Possession                        Total Price                                          
  • 10 % extra will be charged in case of Corner, Facing Park and Main Boulevard.


3-Year Residential Payment Plan
Category Booking 36 monthly Installments 1st Annual Installment 2nd Annual Installment 3rd Annual Installment Total Price
03-Marla 650,000 25,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 1,700,000

  • 10 % extra will be charged in case of Corner, Facing Park and Main Boulevard.

al-kabir town phase 2

Introduction :

Modern, facilitated and clean environment takes command over all other kinds of residencies, after the project of Al-Kabir town phase 1, Al-Kabir town phase 2 has been launched with heart-catching facilities and clean homely environment. It is not only beneficial for residential purposes but also for local investors who are looking for investment in residential or  commercial areas and it is also beneficial for overseas investors. The housing scheme offers residential plots, commercial plots, apartments, 1 bed housing scheme and 2 bed housing scheme, all projects are LDA approved and the residents and the commercial plot owners can purchase their property hustle free.


Al-Kabir town phase 2 is located near Bahria town and Lake city Holdings, the society is also near the vicinity of Beaconhouse National University. It is flawlessly approachable from Ada plot interchange

Master plan :

The residential plan of Al-Kabir town phase 2 consists of four sectors. Sector A, sector B, sector C, and sector D. The plots and houses available under the name of Al-KAbir homes for sale and Al-kabir homes for rent are available as per the demand of the customer. The size of plots in Al-Kabir town phase 2 are 3 marla residential plots, 5 marla residential plots and 8 marla residential plots. 

Al-Kabir Town phase 2 is also developing three new blocks as follows: 


  • Ali Block :

3 year residential payment plan for 3 marla 

4 year commercial payment plan for 25*40 sq.ft commercial area. 


  • Usman Block :

3 year residential payment for 2 marla 

3 year residential payment plan for 3 marla 


  • Usmar Block : 

5 year residential payment plan for 3 marla 

5 year residential payment plan for 5 marla 

5  year residential payment plan for 7 marla 

5 year commercial payment plan for 3 marla

Payment plan:

Phase 2 is allocated on four sectors i.e. Sector A, B, C and D. the payment plan for Al-Kabir town Phase 2 plots for sale are a 3 year installment plan for residential and commercial areas. The residential area is based on 3 marla residential plots with 36 monthly installments and 1,500,000 pkr/- total amount till complete possession, 5 marla residential plots with 36 monthly installments and 2,500,000 pkr/- of total amount until complete possession and 8 marla residential plots with 36 monthly payments and 3,500,000 pkr/- of amount until complete possession

A,B,C & D-BLOCK (Phase-II)

3-Year Residential & Commercial Payment Plan


CategoryBooking36 Monthly installmentsOn possession                                                     Total price                                                                                                   
Commercial 25×401,500,00086,000900,0005,500,000
Commercial 30×603,500,000180,0002,500,00012,500,000

A – BLOCK (Phase-II)

3-Year Broadway Commercial Payment Plan


CategoryBooking36 Monthly InstallmentsEvery Six Month Installment On Possession                              Total Price                                                  

B – BLOCK (Phase-II)


CategoryBooking36 Monthly InstallmentsInstallment After 6 Month  On Possession                                 Total Price                                                      

B – BLOCK (Phase-II)

3-Year Residential & Commercial Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 monthly installmentsOn possession                                                  Total price                                                                                             
Commercial 03-Marla1,500,00056,0001,000,0004,500,000
Commercial 05-Marla2,500,00070,0001,500,0006,500,000

E – BLOCK (Phase-II)

3-Year Midway Commercial Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 Monthly InstallmentsAnnual Installment On Possession                                         Total Price                                                                        

E – BLOCK (Phase-II)

3-Year E-Central Commercial Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 Monthly InstallmentsInstallment After Six Month On Possession                                  Total Price                                                      


3-Year Residential Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 Monthly InstallmentsInstallment After Six MonthOn Possession                                 Total Price                                                       


5-Year Residential Payment Plan

CategoryTotal PriceDown Payment60 Monthly Installments Installment after Six Month                         On Possession                                      


5-Year Commercial Payment Plan

CategoryTotal PriceDown Payment60 Monthly Installments Installment after Six Month                         On Possession                                            


3-Year Residential Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 monthly installmentsOn possession                                                                  Total price                                                                                                                              


3-Year Residential Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 monthly installmentsOn possession                                                                   Total price                                                                                                                                


 4-Year Commercial Payment Plan

CategoryBooking48 monthly installmentsOn possession                                                       Total price                                                                                                    
Commercial 25×404,000,000135,0002,000,00012,500,000


3-Year Commercial Payment Plan

CategoryBooking36 Monthly InstallmentsInstallment After Six MonthOn Possession                                  Total Price                                                       


3-Year Commercial Payment Plan
Category Total Price Booking 36 Monthly Installments 1st Annual Installment 2nd Annual Installment 3rd Annual Installment
03-Marla 5,000,000 2,000,000 56,000 300,000 300,000 400,000
05-Marla 7,500,000 3,000,000 84,000 500,000 500,000 500,000


3-Year Residential Payment Plan

CategoryTotal PriceBooking36 monthly Installments                                                                   On Possession                                                                                                                                     


    10 % extra will be charged in the case of Corner, Facing Park and Main Boulevard.


Al-kabir town apartments

Introduction :

Al-Kabir town apartments are classy and have an aura of peace and convenience. Waking up at the right side of the bed with a panoramic view of greens is an initiative to a hopeful day in life. Al-Kabir town luxury apartments offer a great deal of ambience, standard-life style and prosperity. The daily hustle of life leaves a person drained and energy less

Location : 

Al-Kabir apartments have a premium and luxurious location in terms of approach. This community is located opposite lake city near Bahria Orchard. Al-Kabir apartments have an easy approach to adda plot interchange, Thokar Niaz Baig and BeaconHouse National University.

Master plan :

The apartments of Al-Kabir town fall under different categories according to the convenience of the client. The apartments are available as Al-Kabir Apartments for sale and Al-Kabir apartments for rent. These apartments have 2 phases.

  1. Phase 1 with standard and luxury apartments
  2. Phase 2 with standard luxury and studio apartment

Al-Kabir town standard apartment: 

Al-Kabir standard apartments are based on the area of 650 sq. ft. up to 950 sq. ft. according to the convenience of the customer. These apartments are available for sale and rent purposes. Al-Kabir Town installment plan for standard apartments is a 60 month installment plan with booking, balloting and possession.

Al-Kabir town luxury apartment: 

These apartments are based on are starting from 700 sq. ft. leading up to 1100 sq. ft.. the payment plan for Al-Kabir town luxury apartments is a 60 months payment plan with annual installments including booking balloting and possession.

Al-Kabir Town studio apartment: 

Al-Kabir town Studio Apartments are situated in Al-Kabir town apartments phase 2, these apartments are based on the area of 450 sq. ft. per apartment. It is a 40 month installment plan with installments every six months. It includes bookings, monthly installments and possession. 



  1. Car parking lots for all kinds of vehicles. Hussle free road map for residents to park their cars under the strict security policy of the community. 
  2. In-door and outdoor sitting areas for gatherings and meetups. Al-Kabir town apartments provide services of food for delivery in both sitting areas and apartments as well
  3. The facility of a gymnasium with membership and loads of health benefits is a part of Al-kabir town apartments. The gym is loaded with weighing machines, exercise machines and all sorts of exercise equipment. 
  4. Al-Kabir Town apartments for sale and rent, also provides the luxury of a cinema and a theater, this facility is not common for all residential communities but Al-Kabir apartments. 
  5. Security services are up to date and under strict supervision of the management of Al-Kabir town apartments. The security services include CCTV cameras, boundary walls, fire alarms, fire escapes and on duty guard for twenty-fours a day.

Payment Plan:

Phase 1

Standard apartments                                                           
Category Booking 60 month installment On balloting On possession Total price 
650 Sq.ft. standard 300,00020,000150,000350,0002,000,000.
950 sq.ft standard 500,00025,000250,000550,0002,800,000
Luxury apartments      
750 sq. ft luxury 500,00022,000200,000500,0002,500,000
1100 sq.ft.800,00035,000250,000800,0004,000,000

Phase 2

Standard apartments                                
Category Booking 60 month installmentInstallments after 6 months On possession Total price 
650 sq.ft. 400,00023,00080,000800,0003,400,000
950 sq.ft 600,00027,000150,0001,000,0004,750,000


Luxury apartments       
Category booking60 month installment Annual installment On balloting On possession Total price 
750 sq.ft 500,00030,000150,000700,000700,0004,450,000
1050 sq.ft.800,00045,00020,000700,000800,0006,000,000


Studio apartments                          
Category Booking 40 month installment Every 6 month installment On possession total price 
450sq.ft. studio apartment 300,00028,500100,000500,0002,750,000

AL-Kabir Homes

Introduction :

Al-Kabir Homes provides the facility of luxurious residential grounds based on villas situated in lush places, full of greenery and breath-taking beauty of residence. Building a society is an art in itself, the structure of homes, design, interior, parks and all other infrastructures are carved out by the most professional designers in town.

Location :

Al-Kabir Home is situated on main raiwind road, the nearby societies to al-kabir homes are Bahria Orchard and Lake City Holdings. One major approach from Al-kabir home is Beac0nHouse National University and Adda plot interchange.

Master Plan:

All-Kabir Homes has a master plan for platinum homes in phase 2. These homes are 03 marla homes and have easy payment plans for the buyers. Full payments of Al-kabir homes can be done through a one-year payment plan and two year payment plan. These plans are beneficial for people who have a 9 to 5 job and are employed on a monthly salary basis.the payment structure is customer friendly with effective cost.


The community of Al-kabir homes provides its customers with the facilities of nearby markets, pharmacies, restaurants and masajid. Home-delivery services through marts and pharmacies makes life easier and the residential area worthy of investment.

Payment Plan

Platinum homes (2 year payment plan) 
Category  Total price  Booking  20 monthly installments  4 equal installments every 4 four months On possession 
3 marla  6,890,000 1,800,000 49000 580,000 1,790,000

Platinum homes (one year payment plan)

Category  Total price BOOKING  9 monthly installments  2 equal installments every 4 months  On possession 
3 marla  689,000 1,690,000 49,000 1,300,000 2,159,000
Screenshot 2021 12 02 221612

Kings Town Golf Enclave

Introduction :

Golf Enclave is a direct visualization of beauty, greenery, health, art and luxury lifestyle. Kings Town Golf Enclave scheme is a promise of health, mental peace and physical strength. Golf Enclave by Al-Hadi Associates and builders is a project that follows strong foundations in order to legitimize all these facilities.

Location :

It is situated in Al-Kabir town on Raiwind Road, Lahore. Golf enclave by name states elite environment. The approach of this community is worth living. It is located on a premium location of raiwind road and it has direct access to Bahria orchard and Lake city holdings. Golf enclave has an easy approach to the ring road and airport as well.


  1. The plots available in golf -enclave are cost effective and budget friendly.
  2. The neighbourhood is warm and welcoming 
  3. Memberships for the clubs are open for the residents 
  4. Amazing lush green view and beautiful surroundings give an amazing and serene atmosphere 
  5. The security systems are iron-clad and gives its residents the secure feeling to roam around in leisure time ]
  6. The availability of daily-need accessories like markets and pharmacies are in range and home-delivery services make life a lot easier for the residents. 

Payment plan :

Kings town Golf Enclave Payment plans are highly Cost effective and cost friendly. Al-Hadi Associates and builders present its clients with best quality real-estate on ground balloted lands and plots.

Golf-Enclave Payment Plan :

Category Total price Booking 36 monthly installments 6 half-yearly installments On possession 
3 marla 2,400,000400,00025,00075000650,000
5 marla 3,750,00050,00041,000120,0001,050,000


Screenshot 2021 12 02 221241

Master plan:

Al-Kabir town golf enclavement plan has 03 marla plots and 05 marla plots available for sale and houses for rent. 


Authorised Associates 

Al-kabir town phase 2 is marketed by Al-Hadi Associates and Builders. The team of Al-Hadi associates are working leaps and bounds for the successful accomplishment of standard, modern and luxurious environments for their clients.


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