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Kings tower

Introduction :

Al-Hadi Associates and Builders proudly presents a state  of the art shopping mall in Kings Town Lahore.The project is unique in its nature with world class amenities in a quite affordable price range. If you want to invest in the future, Kings Tower is  the right option for you. 

Project Details : 

The project of Kings Tower offers luxury apartments, commercial shops and corporate offices. This is a radiant and visionary plan for residents. People who are looking for a warm homely environment with an aura of luxury and peace will find a suitable environment in Kings tower luxury apartments. This project of Kings Tower helps people who are looking to open and own commercial shops for their business which is  a plus point of ease for residents to access and and enjoy food, clothing and all other daily-life necessities. Kings Tower also offers corporate offices. Major decisions need an aura of peace, intelligence and official environment. Corporate offices in Kings Tower with their space and facilities offer the proof of the best official environment for running a headquarter for a business organization.

The location of Kings Tower:

Kings Tower is located on Raiwind road in Kings Town, Lahore. It also has direct approach from Motorway, Multan Road and Ring road. The location of Kings tower is a premium location which can be accessible from all sorts of routes. It can be convenient for residents to set on a journey without wasting any time. It is located in a beneficial, time-saving and prime location.

Owner and builders of Kings Tower:

Kings Tower is owned by Al-Hadi Associates and Builders. Our team works with the notion of one team, same platform. We hire young, intelligent and hardworking individuals with education relevant to the field, so our team members can educate everyone who is interested in real estate and wants to take a step forward in building a foundation in the business world. We also have highly experienced workers with a farsighted vision and wisdom. As Al-Hadi associates own the project of Kings Tower, they deal with the sale and purchase of the property related to it.

Kings Tower Master plan:

1 Bed Luxury Apartments: 

Kings Tower offers 1 bed luxury apartments for residents to occupy a space full of facilities and services at doorstep. It is a luxury apartment with all major accommodations inside the apartment, the facility of built in bath, built in kitchen and other important utilities. 

Commercial Shops: 

Kings Tower offers a place for commercial shops, shops which attract the eye of the customers and are purposeful and resourceful for both the buyers and the residents as well. These commercial shops are built for various businesses such as for food and drinks, clothing, accessories and perfumes, and for electronics etc.

Corporate Offices: 

Corporate offices are the center hub of all the attention of a business firm. Kings tower has specially designed places for corporate offices. It has the facilities of official purpose designed rooms. Kings tower is an all-rounder space for people looking for residential space, commercial space and corporate offices. 


Features and Amenities:

The services provide by Al-Hadi Associates and  Builders  are comprised of the best features which include: 

  1. International luxury construction standards 
  2. LDA approved maps of Kings Tower flats and luxury apartments 
  3. 3 years of easy installment plans for sale and purchase of flats and luxury high standard luxury apartments. 
  4. Kings Tower has the facility of 24 hours of electricity with maintenance. 
  5. Modern infrastructure and precise architectural skills by skilled workers. 
  6. Wide space for comfortable and secure parking 
  7. Iron clad security services. 
  8. Earthquake resistant property i.e. flats and luxury apartments for sale and rent. 
  9. Luxurious home and environment for its residents. 
  10. The building is constructed on 12 marlas of land with eye-catching elevated structures and views.

Payment Plan

kings tower updated

Payment Plan:

We offer a quite convenient payment plan for a salaried person as well as for a small business owner 
Floors Rate / sqft Area (sqft) Down payment Monthly installment Six monthly Possession amount Total value
LG-commercial shops 14,000 138 483,000 19,320 96,600 173,880 1,932,000
1st- commercial shops 14,000 129 451,500 18,060 90,300 162,540 1,806,000
2nd commercial (corporate offices) 12,000 145 435,000 17,400 87,000 156,600 1,740,000
3rd- residential apartments 7,500 490 918,750 36,750 183,750 330,750 3,675,000
4th- residential apartments 7,500 387 725,625 29,025 145,125 261,225 2,902,500
5th- residential apartments 7,500 392 735000 29,400 147,000 264,600 2,940,000


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