Sector A Bahria Town Lahore


One of the most luxurious areas is Sector A Bahria Town Lahore in the whole Bahria Town. Sector A is the oldest, first, and most popular residential property plan in Bahria Town Lahore today!

This sector is currently in great demand due to the influx of settlers to Bahria Town Lahore. Thus, making it a key incentive to build houses and villas rapidly.


Sector A of Bahria Town Lahore is an elite enclave that is one of the most modern and magnificent additions to the Lahore lifestyle and state-of-the-art project. Bahria Town Lahore’s experience in town planning and urban trend-setting features have made this sector the finest community. Furthermore, it is also now Pakistan’s most prestigious destination.

This sector is fully developed and has a high population density. This region offers everything from the most basic to the most advanced luxury. Even the abundance of gardens in Sector A contributes to the city’s reputation as Garden City.

The project of sector A has the most modern design while still maintaining a classic appeal. Thanks to fully paved roads, underground utilities, and communication supply. Residents have an unrivaled choice of how to spend their life. For this, credit goes to artistic dwellings constructed around natural beauty and enticing tranquillity.


The key features of Sector A Bahria town Lahore are:

  • Wide-ranging road networks
  • Security
  • CCTV camera surveillance 24/7
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Hospital
  • Parks
  • Zoo
  • Bahria town international school
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Large commercial areas
  • Bahria grand hotel and resort
  • CineGold cinema
  • Hyatt regency Lahore
  • Graveyard
  • Post office
  • Grocery marts
  • Bird Sanctuary

Bahria Town Lahore Sector A is a project that offers all of the high-end amenities, making life more urban and modern.

Bahria Town Lahore encompasses everything related to the Lahori way of life and provides global standards in all areas of life, including entertainment, commerce, infrastructure, and housing. In terms of commercial complexes, entertainment venues, and leisure activities, Bahria Town Lahore offers the best to residents and other Lahorites.


bahria town sector A location
Bahira Town sector A Location

The location of Sector A is prime among all other sectors. This sector is located at the entrance of Bahria Town Lahore.

Bahria Town Lahore Sector A is just 15 kilometers from Thokar Niaz Baig on the western side of the Lahore Canal Bank Road.

Sector A has various entrances, including one-off Main Multan Road and Sukh Chayn Gardens Housing Scheme’s Beijing Boulevard. Sukh Chayn Gardens is located to the northwest of Sector A, with Canal View Residency on the southern side. Canal Gardens is on the eastern side.

Project Status

The project is completely developed and has a working infrastructure of high quality. The management is already up to face and cover the new challenges of security or any kind of infrastructure.

Sector A Bahria Town Lahore is a completely developed, being maintained, and operating residential sector with all services and living amenities. These services range from basic to modern and are located within or close to Sector A.

Project Charm

People gravitate to Bahria Town Lahore Sector A because of the lush green gardens, magnificent construction, and excellent connections.

Zoo, excellent infrastructure, and Pakistan’s first private housing society with underground connections are just a few of the benefits.


The goal is to keep the Bahria town updated with the latest needs and requirements, the way it is up to date at this time. This is what makes Bahria Town a most promising residential and commercial project.

The residents should not face any issue for too long, therefore the management is always ready to counter any problem. The problem may be due to natural disasters such as heavy rainfall or wind storm, accidents such as fires, or traffic jams.

Layout plan

The layout plan of Sector A in Bahria Town Lahore is pretty amazing. Residential and commercial plots of various sizes, such as 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal, are available throughout Bahria Town Lahore Sector A.

The region is quite attractive and tranquil, with mosques and several parks and gardens.

Available properties

Both residential and commercial properties can be found in Sector A of Bahria Town Lahore. These plots come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of various inhabitants and investors.

The residential plots are of various sizes.

250 square yards

500 square yards

1000 square yards

Commercial plots are also offered in a variety of sizes to suit investors of all income levels.

To make an easy, reliable, and best investment in Sector A Bahria Town Lahore, reach us now before someone else get your desired property.

Price range

The price range of properties in sector A varies due to different factors such as location and plot size. Here is a list of the price range of properties having different sizes.

 10 marlas = 15 Million PKR – 17 Million PKR

     1 Kanal = 

     2 Kanal = 50 Million PKR – 60 Milliom PKR

Park-facing sites, corner plots, and canal-facing plots will all be subject to an additional premium. Modern residences are also for sale in this sector, with prices varying according to the location, style, and condition of the structure.

Investment Scope

A secure and futuristic profitable investment can be done in this sector. Because this sector is high in demand and promises a high value in the near future.

The property rate ascends as the demand ascends. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make an investment in this block if you want good payback after some time.

To assist you in your profitable investment, our experienced and high skilled team is always ready to take action according to your requirement. You can get a very positive and suitable response for the requirements and need you to want to avail yourself in Bahria Town Lahore Sector A.


A perfectly imagined peaceful life can be obtained in Sector A Bahria town Lahore. Depending on the budget, make an investment in any place and you’ll cheer to the moment in the future if you give it a go now.

A well-maintained infrastructure, good neighborhood, not so far from the main city, close to the entrance are some attributes that matter most. Fortunately, you can have all of them here.

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