Top 5 Ideal Locations to Live in Bahria Town Lahore


Bahria Town is one of the largest housing societies in Pakistan, which has been around for over two decades. Society offers a wide range of services to its customers.

Bahria Town is an emerging real estate developer that offers residential, commercial, and industrial properties to major cities throughout Pakistan. It has been around for decades and has established itself as one of the leading developers in this country.

The company has played a vital role in changing the face of Pakistani real estate with its modern designs, affordable prices, and excellent customer service. Al-Hadi associates are the best real estate among others agencies that have a contributing role in such mega projects.

Bahria Town Lahore is captivating in every manner as one of the city’s top investment locations. Each block’s perfect location, and other amenities, make a significant contribution and interest to this development of opportunities and excellence. There is top 5 ideal location to live in Bahria town Lahore.

Ideal Location in Bahria Town Lahore:

Here is the top 5 ideal location in Bahria Town Lahore that describes in detail.

Sector A:

Sector A is a Baber block of Bahria town has a prime location situated at Facing canal. These full build block plots categorize into different categories. The rate of 10 marla residential plots is approximately 150 to 170 lac, 2-Kanal has 500 lac to 600 lac. However, 4 Kanal has a price range of around 800 lac to 100 million.

Sector B:

Sector B is the best residential project in Bahria Town Lahore. It has Shaheen block, Ali block, Takbeer block, Umer block, and Usman block. The rates for different plots vary, like, a 5-marla plot can cost around 75 to 90 lac. 8-marla can be 110 to 150 lac, 10-marla is approximately 150 to 210 lac. Furthermore, 1 Kanal residential plot has a 250 to 325 lac price range.

Sector C:

Sector C, also known as the core heart of Bahria Town Lahore, is a beautiful and luxurious sector. Its access from the Talwar chowk is easy. Furthermore, all business facilities, like international and local restaurant chains and banks, schools, Grand masjid, and rose garden are present. This sector includes Gulmohar, Gulbahar, Jasmine, Tulip, Chabmeli, and Janiper blocks are available.

5-Marla residential plots are 70 lac to 100 crore, 10-Marla has 100 to 180 lac. Furthermore, 1-Kanal is 250 to 300 lac, and 2-Kanal is 500 lac to 600 lac.

Commercial 5-marla plots have a price range of 3-crore to 120 Million, and 8-Marla has 30 Million to 100 Million.

Sector D in Bahria Town Lahore:

Bahria Town is one of the large housing projects in Pakistan. Its specification meets the needs of the upper-middle-class population. The location strategically enables easy access to all necessary districts of Lahore. In this housing society, Sector D is the best residential area. It is near McDonald’s, the Rainbow Superstore, and other restaurants. This sector has the 5-Marla and 10 Marla plots.

Sector E:

Sector E provides top-tier businesses who plan to settle here with a location close to their workplaces and organizations. It categorizes into Iqbal block, Rafi block, Jinnah block, Quaid Block, and Johar Block. It is near effendi tower ring road, Al-Fateh departmental store, and Theme park.

Sector F:

If you’re looking for a place to reside near Azam Bhatti Avenue, Sector F in Bahria Town Lahore is an excellent choice. You can get a direct approach from the main Multan road. It is sub-divided into Ghaznavi block, Skander block, Ghazi block, Tipu block, Alamgir block, and Ghazi block.

The residential plot available in this sector can be 5-Marla (42lacs), 10 Marla (70lacs), and 1 Kanal (1.10crores). You can find restaurants, cinema food court, boys schools & colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, and other available amenities.

Executive Lodges:

Executive lodges are the most executive area of Bahria Town Lahore. The cost of different plots varies, like, Kanal costs 200 lacs. It has 4-Kanal to 36-Kanal homes. Grand hotel, and clubs.


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